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Buy Generic Drugs at Trust Pharmacy with Reasonable Rates


Trust pharmacy starts its working for more than 20 years. We set a goal to organize the sale of medications and other medical supplies at prices consistent with the social situation in our country, and bring the quality of care in the pharmacies comparable to quality in other countries.

We have done a tremendous job, the level of which you can assess by visiting our website. You will be convinced of the rich assortment of products and the professionalism of our team.

Our pharmacists are among the best among many others in the world. Our staff is our pride. We are a consumer-oriented company that takes an innovative approach to customer service. We have assembled an excellent team, whose level of training is constantly being improved in accordance with the latest international standards. Our experts will competently help in the selection of drugs for any purpose, properly advise on any health issue and just give useful recommendations!

In less than three years, with the retention of the prices, we have reached the highest rate of service in our pharmacy. We are very proud of this aspect. Clients' trust is our main and inexhaustible source of motivation for further work. There is still a lot of work to be done, we believe in our goal and hope for your support.

Buy Generic Drugs at Trust Pharmacy with Reasonable Rates

Company philosophy

The highest quality of work of our online drugstore consists of several components:

  • firstly, we work only with reliable suppliers: with the top five distributors and directly with manufacturers - companies with multi-million turnover, having authority, valuing their business, name and quality. All products received from the manufacturer undergo final inspection directly at the factory. Then, we carry out entrance control in the warehouse.
  • secondly, we strictly observe the conditions of transportation. We have cars equipped with refrigerants to comply with the necessary temperature. The goods during transportation do not overheat, do not overcool and do not lose their properties.
  • thirdly, we strictly observe the storage conditions. We have our own licensed warehouse, which carefully maintains the temperature and complies with other requirements for medications' storage conditions. To bring drugs to the buyer, you need to comply with a lot of conditions and invest in the creation of infrastructure. Not everyone can do it, after all, medications are not tights, and if the mode of transportation or storage of goods is not followed, the buyer may get an unusable product.
  • fourthly, we created a special control and auditing department, whose employees are constantly working - they check compliance with storage conditions, requirements of orders of the FDA, regulations, sanitary regime, service standards, etc. We value our reputation, and we must see what happens in every pharmacy. Moreover, the pharmaceutical market is highly regulated. We are subjected to an "insane" amount of inspections. Each step is regulated by a huge number of orders and regulations restricting activity. It is difficult to come up with a market that is more controlled than this one.

Our team

Highly qualified employees are one of the main areas of work of the company's management. Employees of the pharmacy - the basis of success. Systematic advanced training courses, training in new directions and specific products, field seminars and trainings allow specialists to keep up with changes in the pharmaceutical market and provide professional assistance to customers.

Pricing and range

The choice of an online pharmacy should be balanced and as reasonable as possible. In search of cheap drugs, you can easily run into a fake. At best, it will be a placebo, but low-quality goods can not only cure but vice versa, further damage the state of health. We only cooperate with reliable, proven suppliers. Our online pharmacy has long established itself as one of the best Canadian services on the pharmacological market. The administration and employees of the company guarantee high-quality products and services. All products are certified and approved by the Indian Food and Drug Administration. The buyer always receives only excellent medications, without the risk of purchasing a fake, or expired drugs.

Prices are set taking into account the social and material state of citizens of the country. Our online pharmacy presents its catalog to the consumers. Anyone can purchase pharmacological items to maintain and promote health, to restore the lost functions as much as possible, to resume the full activity of a particular system, or the whole organism. In the range, there are traditional remedies, drugs of herbal medications, homeopathy, dietary supplements.

Young mothers will find inexpensive baby products. A wide range of cosmetological preparations for hair, face and body skin care is presented. Medical equipment and other medical products are on sale, the cost of which will pleasantly surprise.

Performance terms of our service

  • The site of the pharmacy is used for informational purposes only. The published information is not a public offer. Any information about products and services can be updated on the site with some time lag. Updating any information on the site is made without notifying the users of the site.
  • Orders on our website are taken 24 hours a day.
  • Orders received after 10:00 pm of the current day are processed the next day and dispensed the same day.
  • After placing the order you will receive an e-mail (if you indicated it when placing the order).
  • Payment order passes on the site.
  • The delivery of the order is made at the specified address. Upon receipt of the order, the buyer is obliged to check the contents of the order and, if defects are found, you have the right to refuse the order entirely.
  • Sale by parts is impossible.
  • You can add an additional item from the pharmacy assortment to the shopping cart.
  • Pharmacy working hours are listed on the site.
  • Please note that when ordering products dispensed with a doctor’s prescription, the buyer must have a private prescription.
  • The price indicated on the website is final and cannot be changed by a pharmacy.
  • The prices shown on this site are valid only when ordering online.

Charity events

Our pharmacy is reliable being present in the pharmaceutical market for more than 20 years. During its work, we managed to attract thousands of customers from all over the world. And it is not surprising: an expanded range of not only medications but also health products (orthopedic products, medical equipment, active cosmetics, products for children, diet and sports nutrition), competent and friendly service, competitive prices and regular promotions.

In addition, the pharmacy pays great attention to social projects. So, last year, the implementation of the initiative to build playgrounds began in those localities that especially need to create places to rest for kids and their parents, because our customers come with the whole family and children.

But the reality is that in villages with a population of 7-8 thousand people cannot be supplied with playgrounds at all. We decided to change this situation. New sites have already opened in small towns and countries due to money collected by our customers and not indifferent people. New playgrounds meet all standards: a fence for the safety of children, the presence of both playing and sports elements, benches for parents and much more.


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Amelia Osborne: "We use the delivery service every month due to the fact that grandparents need a lot of drugs. The parcels are always brought in time, problems have never appeared. Everything is accurate and clear. I like the choice of a certain period of delivery or even a day, which is also important. Operators of customer care support always offer the opportunity to use the delivery services. And this is a huge advantage. Thank you. I recommend this online service!"

Logan Bradley: "Thank you very much for solving the problem with the non-delivery of my order. The issue was resolved promptly. I wish the company prosperity. Special thanks to the employees because in fact you are the face of the company, thank you for your professionalism and correctness in your work."

Kai Clark: "Many years I have been using your services and have never been disappointed. Thank you very much for your quick help, efficient work and pleasant communication. I am your regular customer."

Alex Farmer: "Found a pharmacy a year ago, accidentally looking for the opportunity to order a wide range of online pharmacy products. I liked a large number of order options, free shipping over $150, and promotions for the goods, special prices and an additional gift. Prices are really lower than in conventional drugstores. Good service (relatively fast). Thank you for your work!"

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